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Conditional Registration of Historic Vehicles and Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles

Mustangs on The Move Inc, (MOTM) is a recognised motor vehicle club which has been approved by the Registrar (notice published in the Government Gazette) to undertake and complete the “Approval for Conditional Registration of Historic and Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles” form MR334.

All financial members of MOTM are eligible to apply to the club for Conditional Registration.

Eligible vehicles for conditional registration must possess historic integrity and must be genuine vehicles (either in original condition or restored to an acceptable level) and have a manufacture date prior to 1 January 1979.

Any variation that detracts from the vehicle’s historic integrity could make the vehicle ineligible for conditional registration as a historic vehicle or prescribed left hand drive vehicle. This can include, but not limited to, modifications to the vehicles in the areas of: body, suspension, rear axle, steering, brakes, engine, transmissions, wheels, tyres and interiors etc.!

Members with MOTM conditionally registered vehicle/s:

  • Must renew their club membership annually by 30 June
  • Present current certificate of registration for the vehicle
  • Provide a signed Statutory Declaration that the vehicle(s) meet conditional registration regulations. Refer to our Statutory Declaration Form.
  • Have their log book reauthorised PRIOR TO JUNE 30th each year to continue with the MOTM conditional registration scheme.
  • Have their conditionally registered vehicle re-inspected every 3 years (minimum)
    Dedicated re-inspection years 2014 2017 and 2020.

Should a member decide not to continue with the MOTM conditional registration scheme (or join another club) their log book(s) must be returned to MOTM for cancellation. Cancelled books may be retained by the vehicle owner.

Should the registered owner fail to renew their MOTM membership and have their Log Book reauthorised or cancelled by 31 July the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) conditional registration will become invalid (vehicle is not registered).

Being a recognised motor vehicle club, MOTM is required by the Register of Motor Vehicles at this time to notify DPTI regarding the cessation of MOTM membership and subsequent cancellation of the vehicle’s conditional registration.

Members also need to remember it is their responsibility to comply with all the prescribed requirements of the “Code of Practice”. Before any modifications to a historically registered vehicle the owner must inform and seek advice from an MOTM authorised officer.

Members can renew their membership and have their log books reauthorised at the MOTM club meetings held in June or July each year.

Members can contact the Authorised Officers for advice regarding Conditional Registration of Historic Vehicles and Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles. Any queries please email:

The full details regarding Conditional Registration are available from the South Australian Government website:

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